our story

Elada® cheese brand made in Armenia has already been loved by many consumers.

We produce a variety of blue cheese with mold in our factory located in Tashir (Kalinino) community of Lori region of the Republic of Armenia. All the features of taste and quality of the cheese are conditioned to the use of traditional European technologies and high quality milk obtained in the region.

Blue mold cheese is considered a delicacy. It has a unique taste and wonderful aroma, which sharpens the human taste senses. This type of cheese goes well with a variety of meals, meat, pasta, fruit and wine.

The cheese contains Penicillium rockfort fungus, which gives the cheese a bluish-green color and a unique taste. This type of fungus is safe for health. Moreover, it is very useful and provides the human body with many powerful amino acids

If you are tasting blue cheese for the first time, we recommend starting with a small portion to gradually get used to the unique taste and smell of this cheese.

We do not aim for a large-scale production. For us the high quality is more important, due to which we compete with well-known European brands. The shelf life of blue cheese is 180 days. It is recommended to store in a glass container once opened, at a temperature from 0 to + 6 C and use for 7 days.